IPORT LAUNCH is a wireless charging system for iPad designed to hold, charge and protect iPad on a table, wall or in a vehicle.  


LAUNCH Case grants you complete access to all iPad buttons, microphones, cameras and speakers while adding the durability of withstanding drops up to 6 ft. Magnets enable the case to be mounted to any of the LAUNCH stations, or any metallic surface.  


LAUNCH BaseStation effortlessly charges iPad on a table top and can be rotated between portrait and landscape orientations.


LAUNCH WallStation securely mounts iPad on a wall or solid surface and is powered using standard low-voltage in-wall wiring up to 150 feet away.


LAUNCH Case is water-resistant, and powers iPad through wireless inductive charging. The system charges iPad in the same amount of time as Apple’s provided power supply. The WallStation can be directly wired to a 12V circuit for mounting and charging in vehicles, aircraft and yachts.